Research activity

Quantum field theory. Presently I am working on the unitarity problem and
on the one-loop corrections for a recently proposed model of the Electroweak Processes,
based on the nonlinear (consequently Higgsless) realization of the SU(2)XU(1)
gauge group (72,73,74). The proposed model is based on a subtraction procedure
illustrated in (75) (free field in polar coordinates).
The subtraction procedure of the divergences are consistent with the local functional equation
derived from the local gauge transformations (66,67,69).

In Quantum Field Theory I have obtained some results on:
13. Formulation of a theory of the Electroweak Processes without Higgs boson (72,73,74).
12. A local and unitary theory of massive Yang-Mills without Higgs boson (68,70).
11. Study of the limit of large mass in the linear sigma model by using the hierarchical principle
(how to fix the ambiguities associated to the removal of the divergent terms) (65) .
10. An algorithm for the subtraction of the divergences in the nonlinear sigma model (62,63,64).
9. Restoration of Slavnov-Taylor invariance in gauge theories (48,49).
8. Algebraic Aspects of the Background Field Method (50).
7. Approach to the Equivalence Theorem by the Slavnov-Taylor Identities (51).
6. Exact solution of the Schwinger model (local and Lorentz covariant) (23,31).
5. Discovery of the anti-BRST symmetry (13,14,15).
4. Operatorial proof of unitarity in non-abelian gauge theories (with condition.
    for the physical states) (17).
3. BRST invariant massive non-abelian gauge theory (though not unitary) (14).
2. Properties of localized cherged states in Quantum Electrodynamics (11,19).
1. General properties of spontaneous breakdown of symmetry and
    Higgs- machanism (7,8,10,12).

Neutrino mixing. I have oranized a research group working on neutrino phenomenology in Milan. Analysis of the results of KamLand and SNO have been published in (57,58,59).

Many Body Theory. I have worked mainly on quantum Hall Effect:
1. Construction of the eigenstates of the magnetic translation operators (37)
2. Construction of the Wannier functions for a free electron moving in
     a constant magnetic field (45)
3. Construction of the analytic function for the Hartree-Fock state
    for the Quantum Hall effect (38,41)
4. Construction of the single particle state for an electron living in two
    dimensional periodic potential and with a transverse constant magnetic
    field (construction of the Floquet states) (47)
5. Frictional drag in double-layer devices (56).